Josh Seifer | Founder and Trainer

My passion for fitness and health has lead to the creation of Lyft Fitness.

I am very motivated and passionate about the business.  I know what it’s like to be overweight and unhealthy. I know what it’s like to be in the best shape of your life. With over 10 years experience being a personal trainer, I couldn’t see myself doing anything different. 

At the beginning there was no indoor location, only outdoor bootcamps in the courtyard at the front of the building. We had to set up equipment every morning and  hustle our clientele off the street. The success of the bootcamps helped us build our clientele which lead us to opening our penthouse location which we have had now for 5 years. 

Lyft Fitness is very diverse and we accept everyone no matter what. 

All fitness levels are welcome at Lyft. Whether you are an experienced athlete, or just starting on your fitness journey, we would love to help and support you to reach your goals. – Josh, Founder and Head Trainer 

Matthew Smith | Trainer
Fitness for me is not just a career, it is a lifestyle. 
However it wasn’t always a lifestyle for me. I struggled with body images issues, and my goals always seemed out of reach. 
I started taking fitness seriously when I got into high school. 
Once I started being serious about my fitness, I realized my goals were actually possible. 
I started out my journey at 115lbs. My goal was to be 140 lbs. 
Within a year, I had done it. But my goal changed. I made a new plan because I realized what I was capable of. Over the next few years I was able to add over 80lbs of muscle to my body. I grew much stronger, physically and mentally. 
I became a personal trainer 6 years ago when I realized that I wanted to help people not only achieve their goals, but also change their lives. Fitness is more than just physical transformations. It requires mental fortitude and strength. 
My goal is your goal, and we will work together to achieve it. – Matthew Smith | Trainer
Ravi | Trainer
I have practiced martial arts and boxing for several years. My passion for fitness led me to join the army. 

After years of serving in the army I found that what I was really passionate about was personal training. I genuinely enjoy helping people and I want to see them attain their goals. 
I think that everyone has it inside them to be physically and emotionally fit. We all need to just unlock our true potential. I am in the business of changing lives physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Instagram: ravi.training