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Training at Lyft Fitness is the ULTIMATE investment in achieving your goals and becoming knowledgeable in the gym. Our diverse staff of certified Personal Trainers, and Bootcamp Leaders come equipped with years of experience and established reputations in the GTA.


Josh’s mission is to help people reach their fitness goals by motivating his clients to safely push beyond their comfort zones to achieve real results. No stranger to fitness challenges, Josh has logged thousands of hours of 1-on-1 personal training with countless Toronto clients who have been changing their lives and daily routines thanks to Josh’s unparalleled motivation and desire. Josh is passionate about helping others meet their goals. Whether it’s building strength, losing inches, increasing flexibility, or simply living a healthier life, Josh and the LYFT team are here to help.


5 years of professional training experience

Canadian Fitness Professionals (CanFitPro) PTS Personal Training Specialist

Darby Training Systems DTS Level 2

Weight Loss Specialist

Strength and Condition Specialist

Boot Camp Certified


Personal Trainer
After undergoing an 85 lb weight loss and competing in his first fitness show, Mitch decided to get certified in personal training to help other people. Now, twelve years later and going strong, Mitch has refined his skills in helping people move and feel better, as well as helping with what we fuel our bodies with. Mitch works with all skill levels, from beginners to athletes, and even those with physical disabilities. Health and wellness have become a passion for Mitch – as it is more than just looking good, it is a complete shift in mindset and attitude. Mitch loves witnessing my clients go through these changes. He reminds us that the road to good health isn’t easy, but it is incredibly rewarding if you open yourself up to change.


Canadian Fitness Professionals (CanFitPro) PTS Personal Training Specialist

Darby Training Systems (DTS): strength training, power lifting, kettle bells, nutrition fundamentals,

mobility and program design, fat loss

UFE Revolution men’s open bodybuilding: 1st Place Light Heavyweight May 2015

UFE Showdown Fitness Model : 4th place June 2013


Personal Trainer
My experience in training began when I started working with a personal trainer at a young age to improve my performance in ballet. I quickly became fascinated with the human body and had a need to learn as much as I could from my coach. When the time came I wanted to be that person for someone else. Since then I have attended fitness conferences in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. As well as training seminars in Poland. I love that the industry is constantly evolving and cannot wait to attend more courses to hone my craft and provide the best experience and results for my clients. My clientele ranges from athletes, pre and post natal, as well as clients wishing to change their body composition.​


BSc Physiology​

Can-fit Pro Personal Training

Pre and Postnatal​

Darby Training Systems L1 & L2

Fundamentals of Nutrition​

Anatomy Assessment & Program Design​

Movement That Matters​

Fascial Movement & Assessment


Functional Range Conditioning​

Kilo Strength Society Body Composition


Personal Trainer
Eitan has been a staple in Toronto’s fitness Universe for 15 years. Serving as a manager for a large chain for 10 years, Eitan has overseen some of the most talented and diverse teams of professional trainers in the GTA. The execution of programs and drive for results is a burning passion for Eitan, who has worked with members brand new to the gym environment, professional athletes, and everyone in-between. Meet with Eitan for a complimentary assessment and be prepared to take a step out of the comfort zone, and learn a few things not just about the gym, but about your body. Having facilitated training relationships that now verge on the 5+ year range (including more than a few with his own personal clients), Eitan is the ultimate training match-maker, exhibiting an uncanny knack for pairing clients with the appropriate trainer to ensure success! Eitan has been featured as a celebrity and staff trainer for CP24, and has had clients featured in GoodLife Fitness testimonial-based marketing, as well as major publications such as Inside Fitness and many more.
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2008-2018 Canadian Fitness Professionals (CanFitPro) PTS Personal Training Specialist

Darby Training System Level 1 DTS

FMA GEM Functional Movement Assessment and Graduated Exercise Methodology Level 2

FKC Fitness Kickboxing Canada MMA Level 1

VTS Vitruvian Training Systems

TRX Certified Suspension Training

2009 FitnessSTAR Men’s Athletic Fitness Model “Tall” 2nd Place, Ripped Freak “Best Abs in Show”

2008-2011 Multiple Men and Women placing Top 3 at UFE, IDFA and FitnessSTAR

Muscular/Athletic/Masters categories


Personal Trainer
As someone who likes to do things with my body, I think there is no better feeling than finding out I suck at something, then working towards getting better at that thing. You can currently find me working towards sucking less at being a dragonboat paddler, a lifter, and a long distance runner. I truly believe a good looking physique begins with great movement and great health.​ I like to help people do things, and to help them do those things well.​


B.Sc. – University of Toronto

DTS L1 Coach [Darby Training Systems]

AS L2 (Functional ROM, Functional Activation, Assessment, and Kinesiology Taping) [Zona Fitness Academy]

Powerlifting Coach [DTS]

Hardstyle Kettlebell Coach L2 [DTS]

Animal Flow Instructor L1 [DTS]

Nutrition Fundamentals [DTS]

Complete Hip and Shoulder Assessment, Correction, and Training [Somatic Senses]

The Starrett System – Movement and Mobility 101 [Mobility WOD]

Low Back Health Fundamentals [DTS]

Lean Body Coach [DTS]

Injury Resiliency Seminar [PFSCCA & NSCA]


Bootcamp Coach
Paige was a swimmer for 15+ years and attended Texas A&M University on a swimming scholarship, where she became Division 1 NCAA champ in 2014 in the 100 yard backstroke. Paige returned home to Canada and turned pro for several years, achieving the Canadian Record in the 50m backstroke before retiring in 2017. Now Paige brings her passion for fitness and a history of competitive athletics into helping others reach goals of their own.


Bootcamp Coach
When she’s not in the office, Danielle is teaching or sweating it out at the gym! She brings her passion for fitness, people and music into each of her classes. Trained in HITT and Pilates, you can expect a variety of exercises in her boot camps. Strength training, circuits or tabata, her classes are always a surprise!


Personal Trainer
I grew up as a multi-sport athlete in Football and Hockey and have been working on my own training for over a decade. After injuries cut my sports career short, I focused on my own rehabilitation of these injuries as well as different methods of training to work around different challenges. Since the injuries, I have given back to the sports community by coaching youth programs as a strength and conditioning coach, alongside Personal Training and Group Fitness classes. I have been coaching classes and training clients in Toronto for the past 3 years.


Canadian Fitness Professionals (CanFitPro) PTS Personal Training Specialist

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